What's ALL the BUZZ about The ALLSTAR Band?

Fabulous. Terrific. Awesome. Unforgettable. Spectacular.
These are some of the words usually used to describe the band. Here's a sampling of what the people have to say in their own words, after experiencing Joe and the Allstar Band:

Dear Joe-
I want to thank you and your musicians for making our annual Red Cross Wine Tasting such a fun event. Your band sets the perfect mood for the evening and I know the crowd really enjoys the music so much every year. I hope you will join us again next year.
Lisa Tella
We loved the band. They were a big reason our wedding was so terrific. Thank you for your great service.
Dear Joe,
Thank you again for making our "welcome home" party so special. The band you brought over to play were EXCELLENT!! I wish there had been a huge crowd to appreciate their talents; however, the people that were there loved them. Thanks!
Christina and Fred
You and your gang were a great addition to our celebration—many thanks! We all loved having you there—we'll do it again...
—Best- S.B.
Dear Joe,
I couldn't thank you enough. You guys were absolutely awesome! (On fire smokin', Outstanding, World Class, Unbelieveable!) The words "wedding band" arern't appropriate. Everybody said it was the best band they'd ever seen and you guys made my night.
Thanks again,
Billy and Nancy
Thanks sooo much for a job well done. Our guests are still talking about what a great job you guys did. Great music, great tempo, and a great presence. Thanks again for everything.
Best Regards,
Dear Joe,
Thank you so much for all that you and the Allstar Band did to help my daughter's wedding day so special. You were fabulous! From the quiet notes during the cocktail hour to the all-out-beat after dinner, you, Lonnie, Fred, Otis, and Shelby kept the music going and going until everyone was out on the dance floor. Friends or ours who never dance...all of them were out there dancing their hearts away!...I have two more daughters who will be getting married...you can be sure...you and the Allstars will be called upon to perform at our next reception!
Linda M.
Thanks again for putting on a great show. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the band.
Thank you for a fabulous night of music!!! All our guests were dancing their feet off—us too!!! Thanks again,
Debi S.
Many thanks, Joe, for a spectacular performance!
—Susan S.
Hi all, just a quick review of the vendors we used on our 10/11/03 wedding.
...BAND- Joe D'Elia and the AllStar Band, Stamford, CT. okay- this is what makes or breaks a wedding- anyone who wants to DANCE HAS got to go with this band- they were UNBELIEVABLE! ...EVERYONE has commented on how awesome they were and many have described them as "the best wedding band they've ever seen"...
Dear Joe,
Thank you again for the fantastic job you and your band did at our party last week, you lived up to every prediction you made! Several people commented on the musicianship including one friend who played with Van Morrison and Esther Phillips. You were a total pleasure in every respect.
— Susan
Dear Joe,
I don't know where to begin. How do I thank someone for making my wedding the greatest party on Earth? I literally cannot believe how much heart and soul you and the rest of the band poured into our wedding...you made the celebration something that everyone could enjoy and participate in. It was like a gift for all of us...
—Tracy and Chris
Dear Joe,
What can I say? Another marvelous wedding with you and your marvelous band. Thanks for making Beth and James' wedding such a special celebration. We all had a blast!
—Sincerely, Linda M.
Dear Joe,
As you could probably tell by the size of the dancing crowd - your band did a fabulous job- many compliments!
—Thanks again, Barbara M.
Dear Joe (and The Allstars),
Our gratitude for the incredible job you did at our wedding is beyond words. You were an unforgettable part of our day.
—Love, Lisa and Jeff.
Fabulous Band! Cocktail music was great too- many thanks.
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